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What does “FROG” mean?

“FROG” is the abbreviation of finished room above the garage.

What does “HOA” mean?

“HOA” is the abbreviation of homeowner association.  Most subdivisions in the Charleston area have HOAs and you’ll most likely have to pay HOA dues.  HOA dues are funds the HOA collects in order to maintain the common areas of the subdivision (ie community pool, entrance to the subdivision…). 

What does “regime” stand for?

If you live in a condo more than likely there will be a monthly regime which covers the maintenance and upkeep of the exterior of the building (roof shingle replacement, exterior painting, lawn maintenance), maintenance of the community pool and tennis courts, exterior insurance, and termite bond on the property.

How much earnest money is required when making an offer on a property?

The rule of thumb is the earnest money is usually 1% of the sales price.

What about bugs? 

Yes, we do have bugs.  Most homeowners hire a pest company monthly or quarterly to spray the premises.  Screened-in porches are a nice addition to any home and prove to be useful year-round but especially during the summer when there tends to be more pests than usual.

What about alligators? 

Yes, we do have alligators but you’ll be lucky if you spot one.  They tend to be located around rivers, marshes, ponds, and golf course lakes. 

Why is Charleston often referred to as the “Lowcountry”?

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of “Lowcountry” is “a low-lying country or region; especially : the part of a southern state extending from the seacoast inland to the fall line.”

Some information you might find useful…

Weekly garbage removal is provided by the municipality.  The cost of it is either included in your water and sewer service fees or in your taxes so you don’t have to pay a separate bill for this service.

BellSouth is the main phone service provider in the area.  The main power supplier in the Charleston area is South Carolina Electric and Gas Company (SCE&G).  Most heating systems in homes use forced air or heat pumps and are not gas. 

When you become a resident in the Charleston area, you’ll have the ability to purchase a $20 (single) or $50 (family)“tourist pass” good for the month of January.  This pass allows you to visit various tourist attractions in the Charleston area.  You also receive discounts at restaurants. For additional information, please visit:

You can purchase a “Gold Pass” which is valid for up to 15 people per vehicle and offers unlimited visits to three beach access parks (Kiawah, Folly Beach and Isle of Palms), the three regional parks, the Natural & Cultural Caw Caw Center…  County residents who are 60 years+ can purchase the pass for $60.  For additional information, please visit:  http://www.ccprc.com/index.asp?NID=26

What about hurricanes in the Charleston area?

The last major hurricane occurred in 1989–hurricane Hugo.  Our area has evacuation routes and systems in place.  Please check out the following link which is a "Guide to Hurricane Preparedness in Charleston County."