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Folly Beach Climate

There are many reasons why homeowners elect to live in Folly Beach.  The fantastic ocean views and the relaxed lifestyle are only a few reasons but also the weather.  The weather in Folly Beach tends to be milder in both the summer and winter seasons, and the southern breezes from the Atlantic Ocean are sure to please–especially during the summer months.  

Below please find a chart outlining the average highs, lows and means.  (Source:  Weather.com)


  Avg High Temp Average Low Temp Mean
January 57 42 50
February 60 45 52
March 66 52 59
April 73 59 66
May 80 67 74
June 85 74 79
July 89 77 83
August 87 76 82
September 83 72 78
October 75 62 69
November 68 53 61
December 60 45 53

Please click on the following link for the current temperature in Folly Beach, South Carolina: 


Here are interesting facts (from www.weather.com) regarding the Folly Beach weather:

-July is the warmest month out of the year, on average.

-104 degrees was the highest recorded temperature and it occurred in 1985.

-The coolest month of the year is in January–on average.

-On average, August is the wettest month of the year.

-In 1985, the lowest recorded temperature occurred–10 degrees!  This is very rare though!