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Folly beach is known for its beautiful scenery, tranquil setting and often-perfect conditions. Some even believe that the ocean provides an excellent source of therapy. One individual in particular is Izzy Paskowitz. Izzy is a professional surfer who loves taking his family to the beach and to his surfing events.

Izzy created “Surfers Healing”, an organization dedicated to providing therapy to autistic children to surfing. Izzy, himself, is the father of an autistic child. Izzy’s family spends a lot of time at the beach and in the water. He noticed changes in his son’s behavior when he brought him in the water. Izzy’s son was a lot calmer when he was occupied with learning to hang ten.

For the past 11 year, Izzy Paskowitz has been traveling the country along with other professional surfers teaching kids with autism to surf.

Last week, Izzy and his generous team of surfers made a stop at Folly Beach. There they spent the day with over 150 kids. The event was a free and rewarding experience for the children.

One father took the time to blog about the even and how amazing the event was for his autistic child. Read his story, “Surf’s Up!!! How a day at the beach changes lives…”