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In January, George Tittle, retired from the city of Folly Beach as the “safety czar.” Since then, the Charleston County Council gave Folly Beach an interim public safety director, Sheriff Major Terry Boatwright.

This replacement was only suppose to be temporary–f0r 90 days. But, the deadline is here and a relacement hasn’t been found. In addition, Folly Beach hasn’t even started looking and plans on advertising the position next month.

According to City Administrator Toni Connor the delay was due to “some tough decisions to make about public safety.” Folly Beach has been debating over if it should divide its public safety dept. into a separate police and a separate fire division.

Currrently, the city trains its 13 officers and the chief as both firefighters and police. They depend heavily on volunteer and contract firefighters. In February, Council was in favor of the split and recommended the firefighter duties be outsourced to James Island Public Service District as it would be feasible and beneficial. However, this decision was opposed by at least two volunteer firefighters in past meetings.

Thus, the delay to hiring a replacement safety director, according to Connor-Rooks was because they didn’t know if they should advertise for a safety director or a police chief.

They have now decided on what way to go, and they hope to find a new safety director by August.

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