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According to StarNewsOnline.com:

“Fall’s cooler temperatures tend to get swimmers out of the waters off South Carolina’s coast.

That’s probably just as well since that’s when sharks start migrating south and fill the state’s waters.

On top of the winter migration of older sharks to warmer waters, younger sharks this time of year are moving out of the estuaries where they tend to stay during the summer, mostly to avoid getting eaten by bigger sharks, scientists say.

South Carolina waters host 39 different shark species from an occasional great white to Atlantic sharpnose sharks, sandbar sharks, blacknose sharks, bonnethead sharks, finetooth sharks, bull sharks and tiger sharks, said Bryan Frazier, a state Department of Natural Resources fisheries biologist.

Plenty of sharks swim past Charleston’s jetties, where the rock walls lining the shipping channel funnel predator and prey alike in and out of the harbor past Fort Sumter. ”

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