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The Folly Beach City Council held a special meeting on Tuesday, November 21, 2006, to discuss several issues including the first reading for the following:

-an ordinance amending the Folly Beach Code of Ordinances to impose a two-month moratorium for certain approvals under Title XV: Land Use Regulations, R-1, Low Density Residential and a six-month moratorium on certain approvals under all provisions of Title XV: Land Use Regulations.

-an ordinance amending the Folly Beach Code of Ordinances, Chaper 154 Zoning, C-2, Resort Commercial, Permited Uses, and adding a new Section, Exceptions.

-An ordinance amending the Folly Beach Code of Ordinances, Zoning, C-4, Cooridor Commercial, Permitted Uses and adding a new section, Exceptions.

According to my conversation with Aaron Pope with the Building Dept. of City of Folly, the following occured last night:

Council had their first reading which prohibits any more condos in Folly Beach. This still needs to go to planning commission for final approval but it looks like condos will no longer be allowed in Folly.

They also voted for no new construction on single family homes for 4 months starting January 1st. If new plans are submitted prior to this date & receive approval then it would be okay to build.

In December they will have a meeting (probably December 11 at 7:00 pm) or will set up a special meeting to finalize the 6 month moratorium for all other properties (not single family homes but properties that are zoned other–like R-2). It appears this will become pending and enforced mid-December.

During the moratorium you could build but there is a large possibility that some of the ordinances would be changed during this period. So there is a possibility that you would have to modify your plans several times to adhere to the new ordinances. It is taking a risk as it is unknown as to what changes will be made to the current ordinances.

I guess this is it. In my opinion, these moratoriums are going to have a huge impact on the real estate market in Folly Beach!

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